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Meet The Owner

Hello, I’m Chanel Shavers the sole owner and operator of AA Party Supplies located in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California.

I’m an LA Native and Mother of two beautiful boys, Amir, 5, and Ace, 9 months. I started AA Party Supplies in July 2019 while I was pregnant with my second child, My hopes were to create a family business that could motivate and inspire my boys as well as secure our future. Living through this pandemic has taught me amongst many things how volatile the job market can be. Growing up I watched my mother work her hardest to grow her business, and now thirty years later she has one of the most recommended Home Daycare Facilities in Los Angeles County. She has inspired me and encouraged me in so many ways and I just hope to do the same for my boys. My oldest Amir already helps me prepare for parties and even goes out with me occasionally on deliveries.

In addition to AA Party Supplies, I enjoy cooking and gardening. I love children and hope to have an even bigger family one day. My favorite treats are Sprinkles Cupcakes and my favorite color is Tiffany Blue.

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